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How long has it been since you last had the fence painted? If you think it’s time for fence painting, Whitby’s best pros stand around the corner. Talk to us about your current needs, tell us all about your fence, and don’t hesitate to ask for a quote.

In fact, if you contact Painters Whitby occasionally, your fence will always look good and won’t be affected by the elements – at least, not any time soon. All materials are susceptible to the elements and take some good beating from the rain, the sun, the UV rays, and the wind. And so, painting the fence is not only about aesthetics but also about keeping it intact and free of insect infestations. Isn’t it better to book wood fence painting than to let moisture set in and see the once beautiful fence rot, warp, and crack?

Best for fence painting Whitby pros

Fence Painting Whitby

Our company is available for fence painting in Whitby, Ontario. Contact us to ask for the service, request an estimate, or book the job – even if you just want to refresh the fence’s color. Or change color. Is the old paint already peeling and you have no choice but to book fence painting? No worries. In spite of your reasons to have the fence painted, our team is at your service. Should we send a pro to check your fence out?

Not all fences are the same. Not all materials need the same prep work. And then, not all fences are in the same condition. But the painter assigned to the job comes out fully prepared to take care of your fence and its particular needs. There’s always prep work, which includes the removal of debris and old paints, to start with. The goal is to make the surface smooth for the new paint to adhere well and last for long. And so, the painters do what they must to achieve that before they apply the coatings agreed.

Having the fence painted is a matter of contacting us

If there’s any fence damage, it is addressed. Splinters are removed, and the material is sanded and properly cleaned. Everything is done by the book. Of course, the paints used for the job are appropriate for the material in question. As for the color, we agree on that from the beginning. The painters may use one or a combination of methods to paint the fence to ensure high aesthetics and resistance. And so, the process of fence finishing also involves the application of a waterproof sealer.

With experience in finishing fences of all types and materials, the painters appointed by our company complete the job to a T. Why settle for less, especially when you already found us and you can easily request a quote? Why don’t we start with that? Contact us to say what you need and ask for details, an estimate included. As you will soon find out, entrusting the Whitby fence painting to our team is going to be a decision you will be glad you made.