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Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Removing a popcorn ceiling is often necessary, especially if it’s old and there is evidence or even just suspicions of lead and asbestos. For proper popcorn ceiling removal, Whitby ON residents can depend on our company. Even if there’s no trace of harmful elements, removing such textures takes expertise, patience, knowledge, and the right tools. Since there’s a lot of dust, everything about the project – from the room’s preparation to the dust collection – is important. To make a long story short, by entrusting such demanding jobs to Painters Whitby, you get the deserved peace of mind that the texture is removed with the professionalism required and the substrate is perfectly finished.

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Popcorn Ceiling Removal Whitby

So, is it time to get started with popcorn ceiling removal in your Whitby house in Ontario? We are at your service. Make contact with us. Tell us about your current service needs. Book a free estimate too. Pros come over to your house to inspect the ceiling’s texture, evaluate its condition, and explain how the process will go. You also get recommendations regarding the ceiling’s color and an estimate for the service. Since there’s no obligation as there’s no charge. So, don’t hesitate to make an appointment.

The process of removing popcorn ceiling

All steps included in removing popcorn ceilings and refinishing substrates are vital. They become crucial especially if the texture is dangerous. In any case, breaking the texture is a pretty demanding job – even harder if it has been painted over the years. And so, the pros come out well-equipped to start and complete all steps of the job in the best way.

  •          Prepping the room. Since there’s a lot of dust, the pros work in an empty room which is prepped as needed so that the texture’s debris and the dust won’t travel to the adjacent rooms.
  •          Removing the texture. By using the right tools, the pros remove the texture piece by piece, trying to eliminate dust and avoid damage.
  •          Cleaning up the space. Once they remove the popcorn ceiling, the pros collect the dust and make sure the room is neat.
  •          Prepping the substrate. Then, they start working on the substrate. There’s likely some damage, anything from dings and dents to holes and other forms of imperfections. The substrate is fixed, cleaned, and sanded as needed. It’s prepared for the final round that’s priming and painting.
  •          Painting the ceiling. Now that the ceiling is well-prepped, the pros proceed with the last phase of the job. They now prime and paint the ceiling, using the coatings and colors of your choice – something we talk about from the start.

Get a free estimate for the removal of popcorn ceiling & refinishing

Having a texture removed takes a message or phone call to our company. Take this step, especially if this is an old texture and you suspect that’s full of contaminants. Even if you are tired of the popcorn style and want a modern ceiling look, entrust the job to us. This way, the job will be done in no time and correctly, from start to finish, for your peace of mind. If you want to get into details about ceiling colors and popcorn ceiling removal, Whitby pros are standing right here fully prepared to serve.