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Residential Painting

Your mission to find a trustworthy and affordable residential painting Whitby-located contractor has just been accomplished! You see, our company is the ideal choice for home painting services in Whitby, Ontario. In spite of the size and type of the residence, our team covers all local painting needs. This includes the interior and/or exterior of your residence – or simply some sections of it.

We are about to tell you all Painters Whitby can do for you. Also, show you why we are the team you can trust every single time you want the interior and the exterior painted. Should we get into some details?

Whitby residential painting services done right from the start

Residential Painting Whitby

With us, residential painting Whitby jobs make a difference! That’s because everything is done to perfection from the very start – anything from the inspection of the home and the color consultation to the finishing job. After all, our goal is to create a beautiful environment where you can relax and enjoy. So, it all starts with you having a chat with a local contractor.

The point of this meeting? On our side, to see what you want. To check the residence and all surfaces. To inspect the materials and their current condition. The purpose of such steps is to understand the steps that must be taken to address blemishes and make a note of the paints necessary based on the materials. On your side, you likely have questions, want to know the process, must get an estimate. Don’t you? No worries. Let’s do that. Say the word and a residential painting contractor will be at your home as scheduled.

Interior residential painting service

Interior residential painting services may include all parts of the home or just some rooms or the cabinets – you name it. Naturally, the service always starts with the required repairs on drywall, trims, windows, doors. Holes, scratches, bruises are all tackled in the best way. The surfaces are sanded and cleaned, before they are finished.

This may be a small job, including the painting of one room or of the kitchen cabinets. Or it may involve the entire home interior, anything from the walls and ceilings to the doors and windows. Then, it may involve popcorn ceiling removal. Wallpaper removal & installation too. Should we talk about your wall decorative expectations?

Exterior residential painting service

Exterior painting jobs involve the deck, the walls, the fence, the doors, the windows – all parts. Nothing is overlooked. Quite the contrary. Full attention is given to the condition of the exterior surfaces from the start. They are all prepped well and painted with the right coatings for long-term performance and great resistance.

Home painting services to suit everyone’s needs

To sum things up, you can turn to our company for full residential painting services – indoors and outdoors. And you can be sure that the job always includes the good preparation of all surfaces and decorative solutions, as per request.

  •          Wallpaper installation and removal
  •          Stone accent wall installation
  •          Popcorn ceiling removal/ceiling finishing
  •          Drywall repair & installation, patching & finishing
  •          Deck and fence repair and painting
  •          Walls, ceilings, windows, doors, cabinets painting

Do you want a particular part of your residence painted? The whole home refreshed? Just the exterior or the interior painted? Let’s take the first step of your residential painting in Whitby. Let’s make an appointment, shall we?