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Wallpaper Removal and Installation

Want to remove wallpaper and need to be sure the job is done correctly? Get in touch with us. Our company is experienced with such projects and available for wallpaper removal and installation in Whitby, Ontario.

Our whole team here at Painters Whitby is aware that wallpaper motifs get old. Designs become dated and wallpaper may become seriously damaged, for any reason at all. Removing wallpaper takes knowledge, special tools, expertise, and patience. By entrusting this service to us, you get it done correctly from start to finish. And that’s not all. Whether you want new wallpaper installed or the wall painted, the results will be above your expectations.

Wallpaper removal & installation, Whitby services

Wallpaper Removal and Installation Whitby

Let’s assume that you want anywhere across Whitby wallpaper removal and installation. Come to us. With one message or one call to our team, you can get more information about such services and book the job, if you want. Is the wallpaper big? Is it small? Are we talking about one or more pieces? It doesn’t matter.

Specialized pros use the right tools and equipment to remove wallpaper. In spite of the wallpaper’s material and overall condition, the job is done properly, from start to finish.

Now that the old wallpaper is gone, you want new wallpaper installed. Right? You can trust the pros’ wallpaper installation skills. Once again, despite the material and size, the wallpaper is installed correctly. Before it comes to that, the pros prep the wall. They fix flaws and make it even so that the wallpaper’s appearance will be excellent. More importantly, the wall is also primed, making it easy to remove wallpaper at some point in the future. With an expert wallpaper installer on the job, everything is done flawlessly.

Wallpaper removal and wall painting

Let us now assume that you want wallpaper removal without having new wallpaper installed. Consider it done. As described above, the pros remove wallpaper in a proper manner. Once this part of the job is completed, the wall preparation starts. Once again, all wall imperfections and flaws are addressed. The pros often have to fill holes, fix dents, even the wall, and take care of problems that will take a toll on the wall’s appearance and the painting job.

When the wall is leveled, repaired, sanded, and cleaned, it’s primed. And then, it’s painted the color of your choice. Don’t worry about that. You get color consultation right from the start and are offered choices to pick the exact hue that represents your style and taste.

And so, now, the old and worn wallpaper is gone and your wall is properly prepped and beautifully painted for you to enjoy. Please, be sure that all paints are eco-friendly and high-quality. And all phases of the service are carried out with diligence by experienced Whitby painters.

Is it time now to talk about your project, your preferences, the costs, and timeframes? Let’s do that. Tell us what you want. Whether you want wallpaper removal and wall painting or wallpaper removal and installation, Whitby experts are at your service.